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Service Categories
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Com. William Wetmore Daughters of 1812
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Why Madison Declared War
Controversies of the War
Battle of Lake Erie
Ft. Meigs & Physicians
Fife & Drum from Summit Co.
Lindleys of Hudson
Metcalfs of Hudson
William Wetmore & the Western Reserve
Summit County's First Roads
Oviatts of Hudson
Wrights of Tallmadge & Indians
Captain Rial McArthur
Captain Amos Lusk of Hudson
Zina Post of Hudson
George Darrow of Stow
Wadsworth, Perkins & the End of the War

  • Those who signed the Oath of Allegiance or the Loyalty Test
  • All state, county and town officials and also jurors
  • A member of the Continental or Federal Congress, or a member of a State Assembly or Legislature of one of the first eighteen states
  • A delegate to the convention which framed The Constitution of the United States
  • A member of a State Convention which ratified The Constitution of the United States
  • An elector of one of the first four Presidents of the United States
  • A legislative, executive or judicial officer of the United States of America, including such appointive officers as Treaty Commissioners, Territorial Officers, etc.
  • Military or Naval service in any of the following insurrections or wars:

Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania 1784-1787

Shay's Rebellion, Massachusetts, 1786-1787

Wars with Indians 1784-1815

Whiskey Insurrection, Pennsylvania 1794

War with France 1798-1800

Sabine Expedition, Louisiana 1806

Attack of British warship Leopard upon the United States frigate Chesapeake

Embargo troubles - Lake Champlain 1808

Altercation between United States frigate President and the British ship Little Belt

Expedition against Lafitte Pirates, 1814

Wars with the Barbary Powers 1801-5 and 1815

War with Great Britain 1812-1815

The Creek War, 4 October 1814 to 24 January 1815

Lafitte Aides to General Andrew Jackson

Local or state militia service 1784-1815 or giving material aid to the Army or Navy

Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-6

New Searchable Database of Veterans of the War of 1812 Buried in Ohio!!

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